Facilities & Raw Materials

Kairali is the most trusted and prominent online suppliers and manufacturers of traditional Kerala Ayurveda equipment and apparatus in India. Kairali also for a long time now has been supplying/ exporting Ayurveda equipments across the globe to various Ayurveda resorts and centres.

Some of our equipments are Droni, Dhara, Dhara Pot, Dhara Stand, Pathi, Urlis, Steam chamber, Automatic Steam Generator and much more. All the Ayurveda equipments at Kairali are manufactured in traditional method in a state of art manufacturing facility.

We offer and deliver the most authentic Kerala Ayurveda Equipment. We have a dedicated team of experts that continually work towards improving the present equipment as well as develop new equipment and other merchandise that improve the efficiency of Ayurveda therapies. We are one of the most authentic and reliable manufacturer of the complete range of Ayurvedic Therapy equipment.